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Koel M. Upadhyay is excited at the prospect of her first book making its way into the hands of readers! 

Koel feels strongly about writing with a purpose - to inspire, educate and inform. She feels passionate about bringing engaging stories to young readers that will connect them with strong values, exemplary figures and the joys of simplicity. 

The first book is out!

Forgotten in the midst of countless papers, a manuscript had been lying in atrophied repose for many years till it surfaced quite fortuitously one day and reasserted its rights. The Prince’s Armor: A Peanut Allergy Awareness Story was finally delivered after a somewhat prolonged gestation, the first book in the trilogy, The Prince’s Armor Series: Self-help & Awareness Books for Children.

What is this book about?

More and more children are being diagnosed with peanut allergy every year. While it is not possible to control the environment on the one hand, neither can it be taken for granted that everyone in shared areas has relevant information about the hazards of food allergies. Parents, therefore, need to raise children who are informed, alert, cautious and prudent about their choices, and who know what they themselves need to do to minimize chances of ingesting food allergens that might trigger a reaction. The Prince’s Armor – A Peanut Allergy Awareness Story , a narrative non-fiction, hopes to accomplish just that.

  • Does your child suffer from a PEANUT ALLERGY?
  • Is your child ready to take on the challenge to make the right choices?
  • Are you looking for children's books with meaningful content, to teach your child all the precautions he needs to take? 

If you answered "yes" to the above questions and you are searching for resources and tools to reinforce safety practices, look no further! 

The Prince’s Armor - A Peanut Allergy Awareness Story  is here to set your mind at ease! Packed with helpful strategies, ideas, action plans, activities and more ...!

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Koel M. Upadhyay, B.A., M.A., B.Ed.

  An avid DIY enthusiast, a puzzle & word scramble aficionado, a passionate believer in healthy eating & balanced life-style, a regular aerobics & yoga buff, a connoisseur of hand-stirred coffee, a diligent keeper of photo-memories, a dedicated recycle & reuse enforcer, an adventure lookout in everyday activities ...