Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the book available anywhere else other than amazon.com?

Yes, the book is also available at the following amazon marketplaces,  among others:









2. What age group is the book written for?

The Prince's Armor is meant for readers who have begun to spend time away from parents at school, camp or extra-curricular activities and need to learn to stay safe without direct supervision. Meant as a springboard for discussion and for brainstorming strategies, parents are invited to share the reading process with their children, be it independent or emerging readers! Recommended age: 6 - 12 years.  


3. Tell us about the character of Little Prince.

Little Prince is positive, resourceful and resilient. He is not crestfallen at the prospect of dealing with his newly-diagnosed allergy, rather he takes on the challenge to overcome the difficulties of his situation by finding answers. He will surely be an inspiring character!

4. What do you mean by "real-life scenarios"?

"The Prince's Armor" is a work of narrative non-fiction. The book juxtaposes the story of Little Prince, with objective analysis of relevant practical situations that children with a peanut allergy are likely to encounter. Readers are actively engaged in figuring out safe and prudent choices when faced with challenging situations.


5. Does your book contain any informational section?

The book comes with a "Foreword to Parents," "Checklist" of important strategies, "Vocabulary Checklist," and activities based on the story.

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